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Super Junior--------- ON CRACK
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Super Junior on Crack. LULZ and LAWLZ.
Looking for affiliates yo homie yo touch me.
Please help advertise SUJU_ON_CRACK to all your gangsta fabulous ELF homies.

Cuz I can't stop thinking 'bout U girl.
You know why I'm gay?
Because you're poor.

~About Super Junior~

Super Junior is a group of 12-15 guys that act way too young for their age, especially Leeteuk. Last time we checked, he's around 235 years old, right along the same age as our dear friend Gackt. Yes, we said 12-15 because they can never make up their minds. It was 12 first, then KyuHyun joined, then there is my cousin Henry and Zhou Mi who is like the China division, but Henry made a comeback and played a jig and had a guest appearance on Don't Don-- a gangsta fabulous song with explosions and 13-14 hot leather-clad young lads running away from the police. Yes, we said 13-14 because Henry was kinda there and kinda not. Either way, Super Junior is the biggest boyband in the world.

Perhaps, the most gangsta fabulous song that Super Junior ever did was "Cooking?Cooking!". A hardcore song about Corean men beating their wives/gf cuz they can't cook. A very hardcore theme that was too sensitive for some young fans. This song have been banned from the following countries: Albania, Afhagistan, Iran, The republic of Man, Greenland, and North Korea.

In the News 2009 - June: Yesung is at it again calling girls fat and lazy! What other sexist comments will we have next, Korea?---- April: Attention! Our dear Yesung was reported to be the next North Korean dictator. Congratulations to him and his new country! I hope he would forcibly marry a North Korean slave girl that can cook.

Community Rules:

- Make fun of your favorite Super Junior
- Make fun of your most hated Super Junior
- Don't question why anyone would hate someone from Super Junior
- Mispelling is ok, especially when you're trying to spell "Corea"
- Play nice, nice comments not always needed
- We're open to DBSK (and other bands such as SHINee and ss501...etc) contents, but try to limit most posts to Suju only, they're more retarded anyways
- Be smart about your contents
- Be cracky. Have fun. Don't take things too serious. Chill the fuck out. Don't make me laff @ U


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